Frequently Asked Questions


How is Waterproof Nanopore different from other waterproofing?

-other waterproofing (Scotchguard) is a chemical spray that sits on the surface of fabrics and quickly washes off.  Our Waterproof NanoPore is a permanent barrier directly integrated into the fabric.  No chemicals to worry about and it will never wear off.

Is it really waterproof?

YES, but don’t take our word for it look at the photos below, we poured grape juice on one of our beds, let it sit in a puddle for 15 min and then pulled off the cover to reveal a perfectly dry, clean insert.  No spray on waterproof dog bed can do this.

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What is your “Peace of Mind” Guarantee?

-with normal use and washing, we guarantee our Waterproof NanoPore Fabric that we use to make all our products will remain waterproof or we will send you a FREE replacement.


Can I really wash your Waterproof NanoPore fabric in HOT water?

-Yes, our NanoPore Waterproofing was designed to be washed 100s of times and even sanitized in HOT water, to allow you to sanitize your dogs bed, pad or blanket.  The same grape juice stained dog bed cover, toss it in your washing machine , it comes out looking new.

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Do I have to delicate wash, hand wash or use special detergents?

-No, unlike chemical spay on waterproofing that requires delicate or hand washing, NanoPore waterproofing can be machine washed, (just like the grape juice stained cover to the left) use your regular detergent, dry in your dryer, 100s of times, always comes out looking new, with no loss of waterproofing.


Do I ever have to re-apply the waterproofing?

-NO, unlike spray on waterproofing that wears off after a few washings, you NEVER re-apply NanoPore waterproofing, it is integrated into the fabric so it NEVER WEARS OFF.

Can I also wash the Pet Throw Blanket and the Fleece Top Dog Beds

YES, our fleece blankets & dog beds are made by fusing fleece with our waterproof nanopore fabric to form a waterproof durable fleece fabric that won’t stretch and can be washed 100s of times just like our dog beds.

Why do I need to avoid using fabric softeners & dryer sheets?

Our Waterproof NanoPore technology is based on microscopic pores (NanoPores), integrated into an impervious membrane.  NanoPores contain charges that block water molecules but allow air to still pass through (breathable).  Fabric softeners are designed to neutralize charges (static) as such they will bind to the charged NanoPores and neutralize them allowing water to now pass through.

Do I have to wash the dog bed or crate pad’s insert?

NO, you never have to wash the insert it will always stay clean and dry, just like the insert from the bed we poured grape juice on.  Unlike waterproofing sprays, our NanoPore membrane is also impervious to dirt, dust, mites, flees, pollen allergens and especially dog hair.

Will the bed’s insert flatten or disintegrate like foam rubber does?

-Unlike dog beds made with cheap foam or worse cedar chips, our dog bed’s insert is made by a leading American pillow manufacturer.  All our insets are baffled to prevent shifting and are overstuffed with premium polyfill (the same as the pillows on your own bed) to allow for settling over the first month.

Why don’t you use memory foam for your insert?

Memory foam, like all foam, is prone to flattening and disintegration over time.  In addition, memory foam also produces toxic “OFF GASSES” that can cause serious health problems.  We designed our covers to be hypoallergenic, completely inert, environmentally friendly and to last years, memory foam is not compatible with any of these criteria and frankly, is not up to the task for longevity.