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Exclusive Waterproof NanoPore Fabric


Dog Crate Beds Covers for Small, Large, X Large breed Dogs, Puppies, Elderly, Senior, Allergic, Incontinent Dogs

Fleece Pet Throw Dog Blanketsfor Large, Small, Puppies, Elderly, Senior, Allergic, or Incontinent DogsFleece Dog Beds for Small Dogs, Big Dogs, Large, extra Large, Puppies, Elderly, Senior, Allergic, Incontinent Dogs


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 Waterproof NanoPore Fabric

Waterproof NanoPore Fabric Waterproof Washable Stain-Resistant Antibacterial


Innovative Waterproof Protection for Your Peace of Mind

Waterproof Washable Hypoallegenic to Protect your Bed, Couch, Car, Chair, Carpet, from Active Elderly Senior Puppy Allergic, Sick & Incontinent Dogs


Waterproof Washable Dog Beds, Crate Kennel Pads Mats, Travel Dog Bowls & Dog Pet Throw Blankets

Kaiba, our long haired whippet enjoying her Waterproof Teton Dog bed on our deck.
Just bought two more for our Siberian huskies! Thanks,
Regina S.

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Hi Kevin and Lynn,
We just wanted to THANK YOU for a great product! We bought the Waterproof Pet Throw blanket. Our dog has heart issues and is on a diuretic. The first couple nights on the meds he had accidents in our bed. I’m 7 months pregnant and washing bedding requires a trip to the laundromat. We know our time with our precious dog Georgie is limited – so there was no way we were going to stop him from sleeping in the bed with us! We searched online and after reading the reviews bought your blanket. Georgie had an accident last night in the bed and the blanket worked PERFECTLY. None of the urine went through, such a lifesaver! Georgie loves the blanket – it’s super soft so he’s happy to sleep on it. And we can all enjoy sleeping with him because of it! We’re very grateful and wanted to thank you and compliment you on your wonderful product!
Ann and Adam G.











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