About Teton Dog


TETON DOG was started by a Professor/Scientist at the University of Utah, Kevin and his sister Lynn, to make a healthier more environmentally sustainable dog bed, than the currently available dirty, smelly impossible to clean beds you end up throwing out every year.

When Koda, a Newfoundland, needed knee surgery in the Fall of 2012 Lynn looked everywhere for a new dog bed (the current one being dirty, stained and smelly), to aide in her recovery.  Not one single bed was truly waterproof, let alone antibacterial or easily washable.  Living in Park City Utah, with a snow covered dog 6 months of the year, Kevin had long ago resigned himself to throwing out wet, smelly “impossible to clean” dog beds, every spring.  dog beds crate kennel pads folding travel dog bowls and pet throw blankets

When Lynn called Kevin, he put his scientific expertise to work, with a leading USA fabric manufacturer, on what would eventually become Teton Dog’s 100% Waterproof NanoPore fabric.  Our NanoPore Waterproofing is NOT chemical spray waterproofing (like Scotchguard, used on Nylon fabric), which requires “Special Washing” and still wears off.  Teton Dog’s Nano-Pore Waterproofing is integrated directly into the fabric so that it will NEVER wear off.   We guarantee our NanoPore Waterproofing can be washed 100s of times, and even sanitized by washing in HOT WATER, with no loss of waterproofing.

We manufactured several yards and Lynn made our first Dog Bed.  In addition to being 100% waterproof, machine washable and stain-resistant our NanoPore fabric is very soft (NOT stiff and slippery like Nylon or Canvas), stain-resistant, hypoallergenic and impervious to dust, dirt, pollen mites, flees even dog hair.

With help from her Teton Dog Bed, Koda was up and running around after her surgery in no time with Lynn’s grandchildren and Teton Dog was born.

All our products are proudly made in PARK CITY, UTAH from  our EXCLUSIVE 100% Waterproof NanoPore and our recently introduced 100% Waterproof NanoPore FLEECE.

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