Design-It-Yourself (DIY) Dog Bed Cover Waterproof Washable Hypoallergenic

waterproof washable hypoallergenic design-it-yourself dog bed covers

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MAKE YOUR OWN Dog Bed, as thin or fluffy, as your dog prefers


Re-Cycleblankets, pillows, sheets, towels, comforters or even clothes as an insert

Waterproof NanoPore will keep whatever you use as an insert clean no matter what (Dirt, Mud, Water even Urine).

*Zippered & Gusseted, easily removable, Machine Washable, Dry in Your Dryer, 100s of times.

*Guaranteed Waterproof Protection; Our NanoPore Waterproofing “NEVER” wears off even after 100s of washings.


Seasonal allergy, pollen, washable, dust mites, flees

Reduce Seasonal Allergies;  Our DIY cover is designed to be washed 100s of times. Wash in “HOT” water to kill bacteria, mites and especially pollen allergens your dog brings into your home.

Doctors Recommend limiting allergen exposure in the home.  You can sanitize our DIY bed by washing in HOT water to eliminate any allergens your dog brings into your home, easing symptoms of all your family members who suffer seasonal allergies.



Re-Cycle blankets, pillows, towels and clothes from around your house as a dog bed.

Re-Cover your old dog bed or use as a waterproof liner in your current dog bed.


Standard sized covers also allow you to use standard foam padding available at any Home Store or Fabric Store as an insert.



Navy Blue, Mocha, Black & Sage


SIZES:waterproof washable hypoallergenic design-it-yourself dog bed covers

Medium:        30 x 24 x 4″      $29.95    

Med/Large:   36 x 30 x 4″      $39.95

Large:            40 x 34 x 5″      $44.95

X-Large:        44 x 38 x 6″      $49.95



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