Ultra-Clean Dog Beds; Waterproof Washable Hypoallergenic

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 What Our Customers Are Saying:

 This is the first bed that I have found that lives up to its promise. I have an incontinent Collie who has been through beds from all the major stores and online shops with not one being both waterproof and easy to clean. I’ve washed and dried the cover 6 times on high heat and it has not changed. Slips on and off easily, especially important when removing a soiled cover. Just ordered another cover, can’t say enough how much time and money this bed will save me.

Lacey (Rockwall, TX)


100% Waterproof Washable Cover

Naturally Stain Resistant, Anti-Bacterial & Hypoallergenic.

Waterproof NanoPore; Impervious to Dirt, Mud, Urine, Dust Mites, even Pollen Allergens.

Premium Insert; orthopedic, hypoallergenic made with polyester fiberfill.

Baffled to prevents shifting or flattening of the insert, perfect for nesting dogs.

Easily Removable Cover; Machine Washable, Dry in your Dryer.

(Wash in HOT water to Sanitize your dog’s bed; Kill bacteria, mites even pollen allergens).


Seasonal allergy, pollen, washable, dust mites, flees

Reduce Seasonal Allergies; for you and your dog   Our beds waterproof cover is designed to be washed 100s of times with NO LOSS OF WATERPROOFING. Wash the cover in “HOT” water to destroy bacteria, mites, flees and especially the pollen allergens your dog brings into your home on their coat and skin.


Doctors Recommend limiting allergen exposure in the home.  Periodically washing our Ultra-Clean Bed eliminate allergens, to eases symptoms of all family members who suffer seasonal allergies.





Waterproof Washable Dog Bed senior elderly puppies or Incontinent dogs



THREE SIZES:                  

Medium:  30 x 24 x 4″      $74.95

Large:      40 x 34 x 5″      $94.95

X-Large:  44 x 38 x 6″      $114.95



Navy Blue, Mocha,

Black & Sage


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