Replacement Dog Bed Covers; Waterproof Washable Hypoallergenic

Waterproof washable hypoallergenic replacement dog bed covers

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 Don’t Throw Out Your Old Dog Bed Recover It

 with one of our Waterproof Replacement Covers


*Save Money Re-use Your expensive Insert (Memory Foam)

*Our Waterproof NanoPore barrier keeps your insert CLEAN & DRY.

*Waterproof Machine Washable Hypoallergenic

*A Spare Cover for our Ultra-Clean Beds a waterproof liner inside your current dog bed.

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Reduce Seasonal Allergies   Our Replacement covers NanoPore barrier is impervious to all Allergens; Dirt, Dust, Mold, Mites even Pollen.  Nothing will penetrate our NanoPore Barrier.   You can wash our replacement covers in “HOT” water to sanitize your dog’s bedding, eliminating any allergens your dog brings into your home.

Doctors Recommend limiting allergen exposure in the home by frequent washing of bedding, to eases symptoms of family members who suffer seasonal allergies.  Our easily washable Replacement covers allow you to do the same for your dog’s bedding.


Available in:Waterproof washable replacement dog bed covers

Navy Blue, Mocha, Black & Sage


FOUR SIZES:                     

Medium: 30″x24″x4″                     $29.95

Medium/Large 36″x30″x 4″           $39.95

Large: 40″x34″x5″                         $44.95

X-Large 44″x 38″x 6″                    $49.95

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