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Hi Kevin and Lynn,

We just wanted to THANK YOU for a great product!    We bought the Waterproof Pet Throw blanket a few weeks back.  First, your hand written note was a very nice touch that my husband and I really appreciated.    Our dog has heart issues so recently had to be put on Lasix, which is a diuretic.  The first couple nights after going on the meds he had accidents in our bed.  We aren’t squeamish but I’m 7 months pregnant and washing bedding requires a trip to the laundromat.  We know our time with our precious dog Georgie is limited – so there was no way we were going to stop him from sleeping in the bed with us!  We searched online and after reading the reviews bought your blanket.  Georgie had an accident last night in the bed and the blanket worked PERFECTLY.   None of the urine went through to our bedding underneath.  Truly, that is such a lifesaver!  I can simply throw the blanket in our small washing machine at home.  And Georgie loves the blanket itself – it’s super soft so he’s happy to sleep on it.  And we can all enjoy sleeping with him because of it!  We’re very grateful and wanted to thank you and compliment you on your wonderful product!


Ann and Adam, Mountain View CA


This is a great investment. It is attractive, well-made and worth the money. Prior to using this cover, I had to try to air out the dog cushion and use various aerosols to improve the doggie smell. Now the cover goes in the washer and dryer and the cushion stays fresh.

Thank you!



“I used to buy 3 dog beds a year because they would smell so terrible.  Now I just wash the cover, the insert still looks brand new after 6 months of constant use by my Newfoundland”

Kelly, St. Paul MN

“Easier to wash than the sheets on my own bed, the insert is always clean, I bought a second cover so I can put a clean cover on the bed whenever I want, especially during Allergy Season”

Mary Ellen, Salt Lake City UT


“When my dog had an accident on the bed, the insert was totally protected.  I just pulled off the cover and washed it in the washing machine”

Lee, Salt Lake City UT


Kevin & Co, where have you been all my life?! I recently bought 2 large blankets and have them on my couch, these are the GREATEST products on the planet and i plan on buying many more, especially the beds!!! WOW is pretty much it in a nutshell and i will be sending your website to all of my friends. I am pretty hard to impress with waterproof things but you have succeeded x 10!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Cindy, Buckley WA


Our new blanket works like a charm!! I LOVE the fact that I can wash and dry it often without the worry of breaking down any of its properties. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found your website and that your product works so well.

Jenny, Boulder COBijou and Bentley on new blanket sized


This is a great company to do business with. The pet blanket serves its purpose wonderfully, giving us the ability to have our pet on furniture and in bed with us without worrying about any messes. The blanket is soft and cozy and our dog loves it. Thanks!!

Cindy, Salem OR


Excellent quality item…accurate description…very quick shipping….so pleased that I ordered a second dog bed cover in navy!

Gail, Wellsboro PA


Large Ultra CLEAN Dog Bed Waterproof Washable (40″x34″x5″)

 This is the first bed that I have found that lives up to its promise. I have an incontinent Collie who has been through beds from all the major stores and online shops with not one being both waterproof and easy to clean. I’ve washed and dried this cover 6 times on high heat and it has not changed in its ability to protect the fill. Slips on and off easily, especially important when removing a soiled cover. Just ordered another cover, can’t say enough how much time and money this bed will save me.
Lacey, Rockwall TX